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    China launches robot prototype capable of catching space debris with net

    A Chinese space mining start-up launched into low Earth orbit on Tuesday a robot prototype that may scoop up debris left behind by different spacecraft with a giant net.

    The NEO-01, which will even peer into deep space to look at small celestial our bodies, was launched on the federal government’s Long March 6 rocket alongside with a handful of satellites, state-run Xinhua information company reported.

    The 30kg robot developed by Shenzhen-based Origin Space will pave the way in which for future applied sciences capable of mining on asteroids, in line with the corporate.

    Since the institution of the world’s first asteroid mining firm Planetary Resources in 2009, greater than a dozen corporations the world over have entered the fledging sector, together with 3D Systems of the United States and Japan’s Astroscale.

    This image provided by the European Space Agency shows an artist impression of catalogued objects in low-Earth orbit viewed over the Equator.
    This picture offered by the European Space Agency reveals an artist impression of catalogued objects in low-Earth orbit considered over the Equator.

    Unlike Astroscale’s know-how, which makes use of magnets to assemble up space junk, NEO-01 will use a net to seize debris after which burn it with its electrical propulsion system, in line with a report on the corporate’s web site.

    Thousands of satellites have been launched globally. As they outlive their use, many find yourself as junk, posing hazard to different working satellites.

    Origin Space plans to launch dozens of space telescopes and extra spacecraft to realize the primary business mining of asteroids by 2045, stated the corporate’s founder Su Meng in an interview with home media on April 6.

    The robot will also peer into deep space to observe small celestial bodies.
    The robot will even peer into deep space to look at small celestial our bodies.
    Origin Space

    Xinhua reported on Saturday that China was stepping up efforts to land a probe on a near-Earth asteroid to gather samples and in addition expediting a plan to construct a protection system towards near-Earth asteroids.

    Beijing has grand space ambitions, aiming to catch up with Russia and the United States and rework China into a serious space energy by 2030.

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